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Idaho Ancestry's Mystery is brought to you by the IDGenWeb Special Project. This project was started in 2013 by Matthew D. Friend at that time the "Idaho's Mysteries" and today we hoped that it will bring more unsolved mystery to this poject, and in hope, to solve these mysteries too.

How to Post Your Query!

To post a query, simply contact the project manager at our Contact Page, and submit your query. Read below what you need to send to us. Thank you.

  1. Limit your query to one (1) subject or name per message.
  2. Fill out each item on our mail form or email app, subject line (example, "Post Query: Idaho Ancestry's Mystery"), message line and who you are.
  3. In your message body, state what you like to post on our site, and give as much details as you can about the subject or name of your query; and put your name as you wish to be displayed and what email address you wish to be used for this query.
  4. Please, thanks all your inquirers if you receive any response, and keep us posted of the latest update to keep our page updated.

We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you again for your patrons.

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About Ancestry's Mystery

Idaho Ancestry's Mystery is a part of the IDGenWeb Special Project. This project is to post mysterious questions or photos of our patron's Idahoan ancestors.To learn more about the project or how to post your query ... CLICK HERE

This special project is a part of the IDGenWeb Project. All rights are reserved by the project and its contributors.

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